Guideline for LaSyS-workshop group sessions

1st LaSyS Workshop
24-26 October 2005

Processes, drivers and scales of global change - Danish land system research in a global perspective

In the workshop program, three time periods have been reserved for group sessions. The intention, organization and expected outcomes are:

  • To create a conceptual overview of Danish research activities addressing human dimensions of global change, specifically issues related to the use of land.
  • To discuss and provide suggestions of ways in which Danish research environments can best combine expertise in order to contribute to the international development of an interdisciplinary analysis of land use change processes.
Organization of group sessions
Three group discussion sessions will be held and are organized as follows:

Session 1 - Tuesday 13.15-14.15
  • Introduction to the Global Land Project's (GLP) conceptual framework (John R Porter) - see page 8.
  • Round table discussion - each participant argues for and writes down on cards on a pin board 1 or 2 issues that need to be incorporated into an ideal conceptual land science framework. Issues may support the GLP framework or be suggestions for its improvement. The inputs will be grouped and serve as bases for the following group sessions.
Session 2 - Tuesday evening
  • Participants will be divided into three groups working in parallel with all groups addressing all the issues identified from session 1:
  • The question to be considered is how do the LaSyS-workshop presentations fit into the GLP conceptual framework or similar conceptual frameworks aimed at social and ecological dimensions of land use change. What is missing in current Danish research efforts in this area? Output of discussion to be presented on 1-2 overhead/powerpoint sheets.
  • What suggestions does the group have to improve the GLP conceptual framework? Output of discussion to be presented 1-2 overhead/powerpoint sheets.
Session 3 - Wednesday 13.15-14.30
  • Plenary session: reports from the group work Tuesday - discussion and conclusion of the two issues presented.
  • Recommendation for focus, scope and timing of the 2007 workshop.

See also the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, IGBP