3rd LaSyS Workshop

3rd LaSyS Workshop

Land system science: Handling complex series of natural and socio-economic processes

Venue: Tune Kursuscenter, Denmark

Date: 25-26 October 2007

Research in the Danish land use communities:

How can your research on
land use, environment, agriculture,
environmental history,
natural ressource management etc.

be employed in a Human Dimension
of global change perspective?
Aims of the workshop are to:
  • provide a current state of the art within Danish research of relevance to Land Systems
  • provide a forum for discussion and priority setting for Danish research into the human dimensions of global change and integration
  • bring together Danish and international research results and researchers in order to discuss Danish research and understanding of global change
  • integrate local and global scales and short and long time perspectives
  • discuss the interaction and integration of modeling and empirical research on global change, and specifically the human dimension components

  • The LaSyS Network is organizing a series of three workshops (2005, 2006 and 2007) within the field of human dimensions of global change.

    The first workshop was exploring the Danish research activities within the field and aimed at bringing the different communities together (publication is under preparation as a Special Issue of Danish Journal of Geography).

    The second workshop 1) looked upon the Danish activities in the light of international research programs like The Global Land Project; 2) employed concrete examples to discuss the ways in which we can cope with the challenges related to the study of human-environmental systems; 3) presented and discussed conceptual frameworks for coping with interdisciplinarity, and 4) discussed modelling in land systems science.

    The third workshop will be of an international nature, presenting and discussing interdisciplinary research ideas emerging from the previous workshops in an international setting. It will provide strategies for interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration that will enable Danish research in land systems science and issues to position itself vis-ŕ-vis international research in human dimensions of global change.

    The third LaSyS workshop is organised in three parts:

    The first session presents prominent contemporary lines of thought from the international land system science community.

    The second addresses the issue of interdisciplinary approaches to land systems research. Specifically how different cultures, agendas, success criteria, mutual interactions and meanings create challenges for land system science researchers.

    The third deals with the pivotal role, importance and character that ‘decision making and management’ plays for the insight into land system dynamics.

    Participants are invited to present and discuss their work in a poster session. Deadline for submitting poster abstract is August 31, 2007. A final session will be devoted to discussion of future project ideas amongst the Danish researchers.